Transfer and adult learner student

Transfer students and adult learners (students age 25+) must attend Orientation on a date reserved for their school or college. Transfer students are students that have attended at least one semester at another college or university and are transferring credits to VCU.

Transfer Orientation is approximately 4-5 hours in length giving you time to accomplish other campus business if needed. Evening orientation* options may be available for those who work during the day. *Evening programs are designed for students who have completed 30 or more credits, students who are age 22 or older or students working full-time.

If you are a transfer student with fewer than 30 credits entering in a fall semester, you are encouraged to participate in the two-day program for first-year students since you are still classified as a first-year student. This program will give you a more immersive introduction to VCU and connect you with other students with similar experiences. You can select a two-day program option when you complete your orientation registration.

Check out the Transfer Student Checklist for more details on the need-to-know information you need to prepare for Orientation and your first semester at VCU!

  • Summer Orientation dates for students admitted for the fall semester will be announced in spring 2020. Check back soon!
  • Winter Orientation for students admitted for the Spring semester typically takes place in January before the start of spring classes.

A nonrefundable program fee is required for all students and  and charged during online registration. Fees are subject to change and fee waivers are not available.

  • Summer orientation for transfer students: $125/ student and $25/guest
  • Winter orientation: $100 students and $25/guest 


Fees cover a meal, parking, facility fees, orientation staffing and orientation materials. Overnight accommodations are not included. For options, check with .

All Transfer Orientation programs include a boxed meal (sandwich or salad with a side, dessert and beverage) for both students and their registered guests. You’ll find plenty of options that are sure to meet your dietary needs. You can also purchase snacks at vendors throughout campus.

Transfer Orientation schedules will be available later this semester. Check back soon!

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