Participate in Family Webinars

Beginning in June 2019, VCU will launch a monthly webinar series exploring various topics relevant to families who are trying to help their students achieve success. Webinars will feature a presentation followed by the opportunity for participants to ask questions and have them answered live. All webinars will be posted for those who could not participate live.


Upcoming Webinars

Tuesday, November 19 @ 11 am

Home for the Holidays - Managing Student Breaks

Lauren Braun and Lynanne Yndestad, New Student and Family Programs

Excited for your student to come home soon? We know! We will discuss what you might expect (and not expect) when your student comes home for their first break. We will give you pointers on topics that you should talk about before they even leave campus such as planning for break closures in the residence halls, whether or not there will be curfew expectations when they come home, and how they will spend their time. Perspectives will be shared from upperclassmen students about their experience going home again for the first extended period of time.


It's also nearing the end of the semester which means final grades will be posted soon. In this webinar, we will also cover items you may want to include in your discussion with your student as you evaluate the semester and begin preparing to move on to the next semester.

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